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Dr. Condrell has 35 years experience on television, radio and magazine / newspaper interviews, and he is an attendee of the National Media Summit in New York City.
He is known as the media psychologist with the 'Great Voice', one that gives practical easy to follow advice to your audience.  As an expert in the field of family issues he is an 'easy interview' and one you will want to rely on again and agian.
Recently he completed his 3rd interview with Bobbi Conner at  
He has been a guest on 
as well as hundreds of regional television shows, live,in person as well as via satelite.  (DVD available)
Read the article at
about the importance of family photos to your childs well being.

Complete resume available upon request.

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Dr. Condrell is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a common sense approach to parenting.  Whether you are looking for a Keynote Speaker or a Workshop Speaker, you will be sure to be informed and entertained!

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