Dr Condrell's Profile    

Kenneth N. Condrell, PhD

Clinical psychologist

Dr. Condrell has counseled thousands of adults and children over the past thirty five years providing solutions a well as practical advice from his office near Buffalo New York.  His advice to parents on the Fisher-Price website is read all over the world!

He is the author of three parenting books, and is published in many magazines and newspapers as a parenting expert.  For 30 years, Dr Condrell has been a popular radio and television personality, appearing on local and national radio and television programs giving advice on psychology.

Dr Condrell completed his PhD in psychology at State University of New York at Buffalo.  He completed graduate studies at the University of Michigan, and was awarded a Post Doctoral Fellowship at Boston Children’s’ Hospital Medical Center.

Relationship counseling, marriage counseling, family problems, adult depression, adult anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, are just some of the adult issues within his expertise.

Children’s depression, children’s anxiety, discipline problems, parenting problems, step parenting problems are his specialty.  Dr. Condrell is widely known as a child psychologist and family therapist but his career has lead him to spend as much time working  with adults as he has with children.

Dr Condrell applies his extensive experience to forensic evaluations of children and adults when there is a question of psychological injury.  Dr Condrell is an expert witness for both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Currently he is a clinical assistant professor of Graduate Counseling and Psychology at Medaille College, Buffalo, NY Amherst Campus.

Dr Condrell lives in Western New York with his wife, Barbara.